Our Team

Our future success depends on the ability to offer our employees numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our young and capable team with experience in all different sectors of international trade promote an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust, bringing a sense of teamwork, collegiality and diversity to all we do.

Through it all, our employees develop strong relationships, forge successful partnerships and establish lasting friendships with their wide diversity of customers from across the globe.

Our sales team are waiting to hear from you. Find the person you need from our list of contacts below:

Regional Sales Managers

Australia and South America
Yancy Fu
Phone: +86 311 8991 6778 ext.8009
Mobile: +86 136 1100 8183
Skype: fuyingying1987
Southeast Asia
Daisy Li
Phone: +86 311 8991 6778 ext.8024
Mobile: +86 136 2330 5428
Skype: daisy.li62
Middle East
Vivian Shi
Phone: +86 311 8991 6778 ext.8004
Mobile: +86 137 5251 9905
Skype: vivian@sunspeed.com.cn
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