Steel Article

The latest tracking of steel mill about stop & limited production
02 September 2016 04:05

G20 is coming. (4th~5th Sep). To give the participants a good environment, G20 air security program has got a response from Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and other neighbor areas. As follows:


1. In Zhejiang province, four steel mills have taken relevant measures, two of which are completely shut down, leading to daily producing reduction of 5000 tons on average.

2. In Anhui province, steel stock has fallen and the decline is obvious. Steel is very low or even no stock in Zhejiang area.

3. Steel stock continues to rise significantly. G20 impact on demand won’t spread into Wenzhou and Taizhou. Therefore, the steel resource are diverted to two parts.


We wish G20 a great success. It must be positive to international trade.

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